Application Sharing is a capability to granting remote access to a computer and enables two or more users to simultaneously and in real time access a shared application to view e.g. a document while being session ‘host’ or ‘guest’. Generally, the shared application will be running on a host computer, and remote access to the shared content will be provided to other users by the meeting host. This type of application provide capabilities to conduct for example a visual Product Design Review while each of the participants are at different (remote) locations. The business benefits are massive. Not only is the conference attendance effort minimized but also the cost of travel. You can also intensify the frequency of these review without any additional effort and cost. Some applications may be integral with for example SharePoint. But also the stand alone applications are rich. Recently I tried the Adobe ‘ConnectNow’ and also InnerPass from Skype. Not only did ConnectNow provide functions to share the desktop; also webcam, (one-to-one) chat, shared meeting notes and files and lastly white board. Obviously meeting notes are candidates to be captured back into PLM when formal; for example as part of a PDR/CDR (i.e. design reviews) and the less formal you would store back into the project collaboration platform.