Hardware-oriented MRO systems need to cope with the accelerating complexity and velocity of change found within hardware embedded (and loaded) software on today’s aircraft, cars, ships, industrial products etc.. One of the most critical aspects that PLM can address is the coupling of hardware and its certified software. PLM Configuration Managed software can nicely sit next to an EAM/MRO application. Integration of applications concerned with management of requirements, configurations and maintenance statuses captures all of the critical information needed to assure that the software status of an asset is known at any point in time. From the MRO perspective all relevant information regarding the ‘master record’ configurations are available (See also Enterprise Asset Management category) across specific aircraft categories for example, but also the  individualized real-time status information of the current configuration for every managed tail number. We all remember the stories of software problems in cars, here the same link can be established between the Vehicle Identification Number and its software status. When integrated with problem reports, a complete closed loop failure record and action system can be operated and this would provide a full accountability from discrepancy till resolution.

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